As a leader in the intelligence community for intelligence analysis and information sharing, the ISC is responsible for developing tactical, operational and strategic intelligence to support on-going investigations, identify drug trafficking and money laundering organizations, and help to reduce drug and gang related violence. Analysts utilize various intelligence techniques, software and mapping, in addition to examining several data sets simultaneously through network analysis to produce intelligence products. The ISC monitors drug related threats and forecasts regional trends. It serves as the hub for information sharing and coordination within the region. The ISC has dedicated resources specifically for predictive analysis to assist the treatment community with identifying those at the highest risk of overdosing, as well as identifying the source of supply for law enforcement. In 2016, the ISC provided analytical support to 270 criminal investigations and provided 217 referrals to law enforcement.

ISC Goals

    Facilitate information sharing among law enforcement, drug treatment, and drug prevention professionals
    Share information and intelligence with other HIDTAs
    Promote officer safety by providing event and case deconfliction services
    Provide superior case support and case development services
    Produce strategic intelligence to decision makers

Services available at the North Florida HIDTA

  • Foam Core Mounting
  • Large Format Printing
  • Photograph Enlargements
  • Posters for Press Conferences
  • Case Event Timelines
  • Video and Image Analysis
  • Post Arrest / Seizure Analysis
  • Photo Line-ups
  • Phone Toll Analysis
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Post Arrest / Seizure Analysis
  • Subject Deconfliction
  • C-26 Arial Observation / Reconnaissance
  • Intelligence Profiles
  • Link and Target Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Cellphone tools
  • Event Deconflictions
  • Real-time analytical support for highway enforcement